As everyone knows, the key to a solid structure is a strong foundation. Before we lay a brick or a block, all bases are prepped with the highest quality materials to ensure a solid foundation.
Lift & Relay/Repair.

This process begins by removing the existing interlocking pavers & temporarily placing them on your lawn. There is no need to worry we have never killed any grass!

The next step is to asses the existing base material, it is usually one of two materials;

  1.  Bedding sand, this is a material that we do not recommend. Although it is an accepted industry standard we have found that most of the time it is improperly used. There is often too much bedding sand used causing an unstable base, it holds water which is not good because of our freeze thaw cycle causing heaving. Bedding sand will also wash away if there is a constant flow of water causing hollow areas and shifting, resulting in heavy rutting and sinking pavers.Removal of a bedding sand base down to the 3/4” granular A sub-base is highly recommended for longevity of the new installation. If budget is a concern the bedding sand can be left and augmented this will provide a satisfactory finish but not the gold standard.
  2. Chips and Dust a.k.a limestone screenings. This aggregate was once heavily used for a bedding material but now is falling out of favour. The reason for this is interlocking brick manufacturers will not warranty pavers laid on this material, the problem is that the limestone screening is corrosive. I have personally seen bricks that are heavily pitted on the bottom and fragile when lifting older installations. The good thing about chips and dust is that it is very stable so we are able to overcome its shortcomings by just topping it with HPB (High Performance Base). This will allow for better drainage and keeps the pavers separated from the chips and dust.

The next step is to place and grade the “High Performance Base” aggregate, 1/4” crushed stone, which is at 90% compaction upon placement before compacting, we always use this aggregate  for the final levelling of driveways, walkways & patios. Level final grade & extensively compact entire area until a concrete like base is achieved, minimum of 96% Max. Dry Density. We warranty our installations for 2 years against settling, so a solid base is always a
top priority for all installations.

Bricks to be re-installed in the same pattern, unless otherwise agreed upon, with all the necessary cuts to complete the design. Extra bricks will be required to
accommodate the installation, at cost. High grade “PermaPro” polymeric sand will be swept into all of the paver joints, tamped to settle the sand,
swept again & then saturated with water to solidify.

This will prevent spacing, settling or heaving & “severely” reduce weed growth.

New Installation

Pressure Wash & Sand/Weed Eradication

Retaining Walls